Hammer Hall of Fame – Heath Kirchart

July 2, 2015 Hammer Hall of Fame

Not only did Heath Kirchart do things that were unimaginable for the times, he did them with much grace. He is one of the very few that look correct skating a hand rail. This is a very difficult thing to do. When I asked Joey Sinko to do this edit I chose two Nirvana songs, because Heath’s skating is really reminiscent of Cobain to me. This is a really nice edit, enjoy.

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Jeremy Klein – World Industries Demo 1989

July 1, 2015 Random

World Industries Demo. 1989 or 1990.
-Jeremy Klein
-Ron Chatman
-Randy Colvin
-Rodney Mullen

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Home Invasion – Episode 3

February 12, 2015 Home Invasion

Louie shows Jim around the pad before taking him across the street to his primary residence (which his grandfather lives in) for a session in the backyard pool.

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Home Invasion – Episode 2

January 15, 2015 Home Invasion

Collin Provost and Jon Dickson are roomies that are livin’ the dream in Long Beach, California. Join Jim Greco as he visits these two young guns at their pad and checks out their backyard skate setup, garage band studio, and, uh, interesting decor.

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Home Invasion – Episode 1

December 18, 2014 Home Invasion

It may not look like the most comfy living space, but It’s perfect for Jim’s various art and design projects.

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Hammers Blue Light Montage

August 22, 2014 Random

Jim Greco – Blue Light Montage

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Eric Valdez Hammers Commercial

August 20, 2014 Random

Eric Valdez – Quick Line for House of Hammers

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